Father of the Groom Wedding Speech

father of the groom wedding toast quotes

Father is the head of the family, so his speech should always come first he always. His voice must be strict and fatherly, but at the same time loving. Every father knows that his son is following his footsteps and should be proud of it. When uttering his speech, the father has to show how proud he feels for his heir.

It is best when the compliments for the bride and groom come in a certain order. The first speech should be said by father of the groom, then comes the mother’s speech. After the parents the most senior family members (grandparents) and siblings have to say their speeches.

When all of the relatives have said their speeches, the other guests may say their ones. The guests can congratulate a newfound family by picking one person that will do this on behalf of all guests. This method saves time, because the bride and groom clearly dream to sit down and rest for a while. The witnesses are the last to say their wishes and it has nothing to do with their status in the family, it is just during these chaotic congratulations the newlyweds really need help. When they all sat down at the table, it is time for the guests to express their most important wishes.

Parental words are the wisest words, because they come from the heart.

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