Alternative Wedding Ideas

Before you begin, you must decide whether you want to hire a wedding planner or take the time to plan your own wedding. You also want to make a budget. If you start with two things, your wedding day will be what you want it to be.

Now let’s start with the cards save – the – date and wedding invitations. Why not do something different, such as making invitations that resemble a map, or how a message in a bottle ? You might consider sending your invitation in a treasure chest with sand and shells. Be creative.

Dresses and tuxedos are two of the most elegant part of your wedding. Choose something that you feel comfortable as it can be any style, but keep in mind the climate of your destination. A suit or nice linen shorts and a button down shirt is a way to go for her fiance. Her dress is amazing, no matter what you choose, so follow your heart and find the perfect dress.

Have you thought about the wedding registry ? You can always sign up for a traditional gift, but another idea is creating a honeymoon registry. Guests are treated the cost of travel, spa, massage, trips, meals and everything related to the honeymoon. It was a beautiful day so that you get the honeymoon you’ve always wanted.

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